Tetris, a game from the 1980s, happens to be a world famous game even today. It is known for the classic tile-matching puzzle game that has Tetrominoes and horizontal lines without gaps, as the main objective. On it, players can earn points whenever they form  a line, which is supposed to disappear. 

The game is available on ranging platforms for anyone to play for free. Amongst all is the Unblocked Premium Tetrissite, a much more popular destination whose servers can never be restricted. This website is a top choice for Tetris games, especially when players are located in an area where official gaming servers aren’t accessible at all. 

About Unblocked Premium Tetris

Unblocked Games premium is very much alike to the original version when it comes to gameplay. The best part, moreover, is the fact that nothing about Tetris’s gameplay has alterations of any kind. And the only difference is that unblocked games premium cannot be blocked, while others can be. So, for a seamless gaming experience, we suggest you try this website only. 

Popularity of unblocked websites

Unblock websites have games that are particularly built to bypass restrictions. The modified games are done in such a way that it still resembles the original version. Also, many of them, including Unblocked Premium Tetris, made games such that it can be played on the website itself. This means there’s barely anything extra or a new software you’ll have to download to begin with. The convenience shows and is quite evident, all while the service is free. 

Benefits of Unblocked Premium Tetris

A few benefits, that come along with Tetris on unblock websites; as such: 

  • The cost, which is absolutely nothing. Be it one, twice, thrice or more than that — it requires no subscription charge, regardless of the number of times you play it. 
  • The compatibility of this game is so great that any device can support it. So, you can easily access the site from any device, as long as an internet connection is available. 
  • The resemblance of the original version is on-point, even when the unblock site hosts only the replication. 

Disadvantages of Unblocked Premium Tetris

No matter how great of a website Tetris unblocked is, there are several disadvantages that you shouldn’t disregard. A few of them, include: 

  • Unblock sites aren’t regulated with enough care, making glitches and bugs a common thing. Suppose you encounter them someday, the gameplay experience will not be that great. 
  • The reputation of unblock sites, when it comes to safety, has forever been shady. The reason for such negativity is the presence of malware, which can reach your device through the site. 


Keeping the threats aside, Unblocked Premium Tetris can become a great alternative to other refrained gaming platforms. Here, you can play as long as you want to, thanks to its service of unlimited entertainment. Just make sure to use a VPN to rule out possible online threats.