The present generation is mostly entertained by the internet more than anything else. Free games on the internet are the source of their fun more than outdoorsy games like football and cricket. Not only that, even adults crave such gaming, considering that life is mostly set between work and life. And thus, came into being, the UNblocked Games 76.

It was made a long time ago, mostly for school students, who wanted to spend their recesses playing various games. This is a plain website, which offers several games for free of cost and is open to all. Anyone can play freely and without any cost or without making any accounts.

There are a plethora of Unblocked Games 76 available on this site that people like to play here. There are many categories. Most of these include quirky puzzles, racing games, adventure games and a lot more. Some of the games available here are:

  1. Bloons Tower Defense is an age-old game where the player needs to place monkey towers in a strategic way. This has to be done in such a way that the balloons cannot reach the end of the track. The game is quite addictive.
  2. Running games like Run 3 are quite prevalent here. This game includes a main character who is an alien. This alien runs through several series of tunnels. As the game progresses into higher levels, it becomes more and more challenging.
  3. Electric Man 2 is a very popular game where the protagonist is a stick figure basically. This figure has to battle against several others in order to win a tournament. You will need to learn various moves in order to control the figure and fight the battles. The animations of this game are quite attractive and give a good game feel for the players.
  4. There are other multiplayer games as well. Games lke Tank Trouble demands more than one player where all the players can communicate with each other while the game is in action. There is normally an arena where the players have to engage in battle with tanks. In  this as well, the controls have to be learnt. The game goes through levels and you can power up to survive.

There are several other kinds of games in this too, like cooking games or racing Unblocked Games Premium, or puzzles which can really help the players keep their boredom at bay.

The advantages of playing Unblocked Games 76 is:

  1. It provides much needed entertainment for the children and office-goers of this age.
  2. It does not require any cost for playing or for downloading apk files.
  3. The games demand different kinds of skill sets. These help in honing skills like coordination, cognition, etc in children as well as adults.
  4. The multiplayer games help in socializing.
  5. The user interface is really easy and any person of any level of technology knowledge can play games on this site.

Inspite of having so many benefits, this site is mostly blocked on many networks. This is mainly a professional tactic in work or school environments. In this case, you can simply bypass this by using a VPN and access the site to play the games.