Introduction :

Hello people! Talking about Pitbull today. Heard this name? Obviously, you people did. Now, who is Pitbull? Pitbull is a very renowned public figure and follows the profession of a  rapper based on the Cuban – American entity and origin. He is also a songwriter too. 

Pitbull took his first breath on the land of Miami, Florida. His full name is Amando Christian. He first landed on this planet on 15th of January, in the particular year of 1981.

Lifestyle :

With a net worth of $100 million, as of now, With his richness, he never shows off his rich lifestyle, unlike other celebrities. He keeps himself and his life way too private. He respects and loves his privacy and is kind of anti-social. Though he keeps it as confidential thing, he can obviously afford a lavish lifestyle with this net worth. 

Expenses :

His expenses include :

Houses: Pitbull owns a 6380 square foot large and huge comfortable mansion, which contains five bedrooms, along with that a living room too. 

Cars: A true lover and a car enthusiast. He possesses a Jaguar XZ worth $86,500, a Dodge Dart worth $17,700, and a Fiat 500 worth $8,900.

Charity: At times of Hurricane Maria, arranged private jets for the victimized people. Also helps people belonging to Latino Community, also during the Covid 19 war time zone.

Investments and Speculation: Invested in adverse companies. He tied business knots with companies and corporations like Voli Vodka, Kodak, Dr. Pepper, etc. 

Books: There are many authors who wrote and there are books given on the life history and worked as a biography of Pitbull. Few books written by some authors on Pitbull include :

Pitbull – Mr. Worldwide written by C. Duthel. 

Pitbull written by Nat Cotts. 

Limelight :

Pitbull has always stayed out of the limelight and the outer colorful world. He likes his confidentiality and privacy to be kept safe and encrypted without any interruptions, unlike other famous and popular public figures. 

The first album of Pitbull was released in 2004, titled M.I.A.M.I. Proceeding, other albums such as The Boatlift in 2007, El Mariel in 2006, and Planet Pit in 2011.

Conclusion : 

Pitbull is a renowned celebrity and won certain awards which are his achievements in his lifetime namely One Grammy, 4 Billboard Music, 2 Latin Grammys,s and also 3 MTV Music video awards. Being the co-owner of a NASCAR Cup Series team. Throughout this article, we came to know all about Amando Christian in detail and also his expenses, lifestyle, and limelight. 

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