Among other demon players, Mitsuri Kanroji is a major supporting character in the fantasy
horror manga series Demon Slayer. Of course, she is famous and renowned for the anime 2019
television series adaption. Her character takes about the love of Hashira of the Demon Slayer
crips and the love interest of Obanai Iguro as well. Her character adoption takes most of the
members and lives in the destruction of demons and then joins the corps to seek vengeance;
Mitsuri enters the corps to seek a strong man and accepts to marry her. 

After training rigorously a bit in the interaction, everyone wants to gather mitsuri kanroji age
and voiced by Kana Hanazawa. The character initiates the Japanese version of Kira Buckland,
and the English version has to enroll with the Spanish-Latin Version accordingly. 


Mitsuri Kanroji is a 19-year-old woman with waist-length and hip-length pink hair mixed in the
neon green color. She is stylish and noted to get into the five shorter clumps falling over the
nose like bangs and so on. 

She wears a changed violet-colored rendition of the Evil spirit Slayer Corps Uniform and a white
haori. Inside’ her uniform, the chest region is unfastened, and she wears a short skirt rather
than the Hakama. She wears a couple of striped lime-green socks with a couple of Naval Force
blue thigh-high socks and pink fixed boots with shoes.


Mitsuri is a close-to-home and energetic young lady who praises individuals in her mind
continually, in all probability a contributing component towards her epithet, “The Hashira of
Affection,” in spite of the fact that she is somewhat bashful and is effortlessly bothered. She is
generally kind to other people, most eminently to Obanai Iguro, whom she has a particularly
amazing bond with.

Abilities and Powers Swordsmanship

 Shudders of Adoration: With a grouping of slices, Mitsuri runs forward.
 Love Aches: A drawn-out slice of whipping.
 Catlove Shower: In a short progression, Mitsuri jumps and releases a succession of
changed outfitted attacks.

 Influencing Adoration – Wildclaw: Until curling her blade around her rivals’ throat,
Mitsuri somersaults in reverse through the air, making a long whip-like series of
 Feline-Legged Breezes of Adoration: With her edge, Mitsuri spins topsy turvy and
makes a spiral cut, redirecting approaching assaults.


With the overall information about mitsuri kanroji age, you have to get proper details about
the character in Demon Slayer. Of course, it is suitable for making her fighting style and her
closest people.